Holiday and absence management.

Approve, modify and cancel employee time-off requests. Automatically synchronized with your calendar.

Easily manage your team's absences and leave

Track all leave and time off requests of your employees. With time-off tracking features of ShiftAI keeping track of your employees absences, and calculating salaries becomes easier than ever.

Approve and record absences

Keeping an accurate and up-to date record of all employee holidays, with a full audit log so you are able to check who requested requested what and when it was approved.

Advanced policy customization

Add as many time-off policies as you need and apply non-standard approval, accrual, or cancellation rules. Assign policies to employees, teams or the company.

Built-in integrations

Absences and time-off requests are automatically synchronized with popular calendar applications and messaging platforms.

ShiftAI Time-off Screenshot

Integrated with your company calendar and Slack notifications

Whether your company uses Gcal, Apple Calendar or Outlook, ShiftAI integrates automatically to the calendar so you always have an accurate picture of any upcoming absences. New requests are automatically pushed to your Slack Channel so you don't miss anything.

Create your own absence policies and make as many as you want

Our time off policy management system allows users to create and customise the time off policies that match your company needs. We know that not everyone gets the same number of holidays, so if you need to make a 20 day holiday and a 25 day holiday policy, you can do so.

Choose how holiday is earned and whether it rolls over to the next year

Our policies allow you to customise the number of days, how the holiday is earned e.g. based on days or hours worked, and lets you choose whether you roll over the holiday balances.

Auto-Approval, Blackout Days, Advance Notice Requests

Employees can be set to have holiday auto-approved, or required to request holiday in advance, e.g. 14 days before taking it, and even have blackout days applied where holiday cannot be taken subject to company policy.

Make any leave policy you want

Time off isn't only for holiday. There is pro-bono time off, medical leave, paternity, maternity and many other policies. ShiftAI lets you create and name your own policies so that time-off works for your company.

Designed for ease of use

Our system has been designed to minimise clicks, time spent reviewing or requesting an absence, and to ensure a complete history is recorded for audit purposes

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